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Fashion Tips for Girls

All girls like to look pretty, yes, even the nerdy and the studious ones have this hidden desire to turn into divas and make every hunk swoon over them. That is why we see so many parlors, fashion magazines, designers, whose business is flourishing day by day. It is a well known fact that the first thing that attracts a man in a woman is her physical beauty. That is why we find women of all ages going to any lengths to look attractive and appealing. The way a girl dresses up and carries her, adds a lot to her physical beauty. Right kind of clothes and make up can make even an ordinary girl, look like a beauty queen. At the same time, a gorgeous woman who is dressed badly may not look so appealing. So, what things should be kept in mind by girls while dressing up? Here are some useful fashion tips for girls, which they can make use of, for everyday dressing as well as while dressing for special occasions. Read more on fashion clothing.

General Fashion Tips for Girls

Comfort is the Key

The first and probably, the most important of fashion tips for girls, is to wear such clothes and shoes, in which they are completely at ease. If you are dressed in something which makes you uncomfortable, it is bound to show on your face, making you seem awkward and under confident. So, remember to always wear clothes in which you are comfortable.

Dress according to Body Type

When choosing clothes, always opt for the ones, which help to hide your flaws and bring up your attractive features. A good way to ensure that is to wear clothes according to your body type. If you are top heavy, i.e. you have a heavy bust and broad shoulders, wear shirts and blouses which draw attention away from your upper body. A top heavy girl should wear a "V neck", shirts with horizontal lines and small collars or minimal designs on them. A girl, who is bottom heavy, should avoid wearing body hugging jeans as it will bring every one's attention to her heavy posterior. Instead, she should wear loose, low waist trousers or straight skirts, teemed with tight tops to bring attention to her upper body, instead of the lower body. Read more on fashion tips for the body shape.

Appropriate Make up

Appropriate make up is very essential to get the right look. During the day, one should go in for a more natural look, and avoid loud make up colors such as blue or green. One of the good fashion tips for girls in middle school is to wear only a light lipstick, mascara, pale eye shadow and eyeliner while at school. And even if you are planning to use foundation or other make up bases, it is advised that you try them on the weekends first, taking help from your mother or elder sister, and once you become adept at it, and you may apply the same to school. As far as evening make up or make up for parties is concerned, one can try and experiment with colors that match the outfit. In the night, dark make up colors such as black, brown, blue, look really good. Read more on teen fashion.

Things to Avoid

Here is a list of fashion blunders which should be avoided by every girl.

  1. Do not over accessorize, i.e. wear five, six chains together, or a ring on every finger, as it does not look classy at all, unless off course dressing like a hippie is what you like. Read more on fashion accessories for teens.
  2. Low waist trousers or jeans which show your lingerie can be a big turn off as they look quite vulgar.
  3. Do not wear a black lipstick.
  4. Do not wear awkward combination of clothing, like teaming long t-shirts with full length skirts.
  5. If you are wearing a white dress or a white blouse, do not wear a black bra underneath; instead go in for a skin colored one.
  6. Lastly, do not mix various dressing styles, for example do not wear sports shoes with an evening dress. Read more on fashion trends.

Keeping these fashion tips for girls in mind, the next time you dress up for an occasion or for your date; will help you to avoid committing any fashion faux paus. One last tip before I sign off – Attitude, confidence and a genuine smile are very important to carry off any out fit, so always remember to wear them too.

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