Thursday, January 12, 2012

How To Make Your Breasts Bigger

 What you are particularly looking for are the natural ways of how to make your breasts bigger in one day. Actually, there is one other procedure that can make your breasts bigger in just a few hours. It's a non-invasive procedure whereby fat is injected into the breast area. The concept behind is to attract water into the area because that is going to significantly increase the volume of your breasts. This takes just half an hour, but the technology is not permanent (lasts about a year to a year and a half only), and is currently available only in London.
 If you want to achieve bigger breasts in just one day, you will just have to put a little more work on your posture and your clothes. To make your breasts look bigger, correcting your posture is a must. You must learn how to stand and walk properly such that you will make your breasts stand out. Stand erect with your breasts out, and walk with pride. The clothes you wear can also affect how your breasts look. Halter tops will look great on women with small breasts, so will dresses with high collars. Stroppy clothes may look nice and comfortable but they tend to flatten the breasts, so avoid these styles as much as possible. If you absolutely have to wear a dress with spaghetti straps or a tube top, ask a makeup artist to deepen your cleavage with makeup. You may also draw attention to your breasts by wearing a long-chained necklace with pendant that reaches the center of your cleavage.

Underneath your clothes, wear a padded bra that's a size smaller than what you regularly wear. Padded bras are increasing in popularity because of their effectiveness in lifting the breasts. They come in many forms however, but a good choice is one that's gel-filled - this gives you better comfort.

Since you are not entertaining the idea of going for a breast augmentation surgery, you should start doing exercises that would eventually develop your breasts. A particular favorite among women is the wall push-up. A variation of what you know as the traditional push-up, wall push-ups are done standing up, facing the wall, instead of down on the floor. Lifting dumbbells can also develop your breasts over time that is if you do this thing consistently.

Doing a breast massage can also aid in making your breasts bigger in due time. Using breast enhancing creams is usually recommended at the start of a breast massage as it serves several purposes - one, to enhance the communication between the different layers of the skin, and two, to prevent friction or discomfort.

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