Monday, January 23, 2012

Ways to Attract Men

 Attracting men is more than a one step process. Although stereotypes exist to the contrary, men are attracted to more than just physical beauty. Learning all aspects of what males are looking for isn't difficult. However, it can be comprehensive and can sometimes even be a long term developmental process.
  1. Advance your studies. Males are attracted to educated females. Being intelligent and knowledgeable can open yourself to a wide variety of men that you otherwise wouldn't have the self-belief to attract.
  1. Become more confident in your skin. No matter your perceived shortcomings, being confident in yourself makes you more attractive no matter who you are. Be happy with yourself and others will take note.
  1. Learn to cook. The old saying is true; the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you can advance your culinary skills, that's a very attractive trait.
  1. Follow the latest fashion trends. While you don't have to have a million dollar wardrobe to attract men, you should understand the latest trends in fashion.
  1. Smile when you are in public. Men are attracted to friendly females. If you are smiling, that shows that you are indeed content and would most likely welcome a conversation.
  1. Concentrate on becoming self-reliant. If you can support yourself financially and emotionally, those are very attractive traits. It will also help you down the line in having more freedom in life. You never want to depend on another person for your well-being.

Tips & Warnings    

Don't change who you really are to attract men. If a man is attracted to someone that isn't the real you, it won't last the test of time.

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