Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Apply Cosmetics

Cosmetics can give you a real makeover for better! But women cosmetics can make you attractive only if you apply them in the right manner. To apply make up is a work of art- if there is a little carelessness, you end up with a blunder and when everything is applied in balanced manner, you give birth to a masterpiece. So, if you really want to look beautiful, you have to apply cosmetics carefully. So, how to apply make up cosmetics. Here's a quick guide for you.
How to Apply Make Up- Some Basics!
  1. The right foundation is the key to a perfect makeover. Not everyone has a naturally flawless skin, so wear a foundation which creates the illusion of a flawless skin.
  2. When you need to give color to your face, it should come from blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and lip gloss, mascara or eye liner but never from foundation.
  3. If you want to conceal a few skin blemishes, use liquid or cream foundation. Cream foundation can give you a better cover. To hide severe spots like those of acne etc. you must use camouflage concealed.
How to Apply Foundation?
To give a base to all your make up needs, the cosmetic that comes forward is the foundation. So, apply it wisely. Use a cosmetic sponge for applying foundation smoothly. If you have natural clear skin, you can use liquid foundation. Blend it in a little at a time till your whole face is done. If having dry skin, use cream foundation and apply it in long sweeping motions with your cosmetic sponge. Women with lighter skin tone can use powder foundation just like normal compact powder. If having many skin blemishes, use camouflage foundations to conceal marks but remember to blend it well, especially under the jaw line, into the hairline, and on the ear lobes as well as at the corners of the nose, mouth, and under the eyes.
How to Apply Blush?
Apply blush make up to give color to your cheeks. Powder blush is much easier to apply. If using liquid or cream blush, apply it before powder. Sweep blush downward from ear to mid-cheek, starting with the top of the ear and ending at the end of the apple of the cheek. Choose the blush colors that are close to your skin tone. Do not over use blush; it will only deteriorate your looks.
How to Apply Lipstick?
Lipsticks are everywhere- in make up kits and even in handbags of every woman. So, it will not be wrong if it is said the most popular of the women cosmetics! You will find lipsticks in traditional tubes, pots, pencils, and wands with creative designs too. After you choose the color of your lipstick, you must also choose a neutral colored pencil. To apply lipstick, start by lining with the neutral colored pencil following your natural lip line. Now take a lip brush and fill in with lip color. Use the lip brush to blend the two so that there are no sharp edges seen on your lips. If you don't have full lips, get light color lipsticks. They will give an impression of fuller lips. You can also apply lip-gloss after wearing lipstick. Older women should avoid wearing matte lipsticks and try those having a little shine.
How to Apply Eye shadow?
Eye shadow colors can make your eyes look attractive, just remember that light colors will highlight and dark colors will have a shrink or recede effect on your eyes. While applying eye shadow, sweep the lightest shade over the entire eye area from lash line to brow to make your base color. Now use a medium shade on the lower lid and blend into your base shade. If required, you can apply the third color too. For this, use a deep, dark shade which will create depth. Apply it along the lash line and at the outer corner of your eye and blend well.

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