Friday, October 21, 2011

Winter Trends

Winter Trends are most debated topic in fashion world. There is a lot of search on Winter Trends. Staying on top of fashion is actually a difficult task especially with Winter Trends. With trends changing by the minute, we'll take you around the runaway and break out of the warmer weather for the next few months. Read on to follow for Winter Trends.

Mixed Prints

Afraid your kit will clash with your plaids or stripes will upset your floral? Well, fear not, for this season anything goes. Mix and match your most colorful pieces and let your imagination run free. Jungle prints, vibrant colors, long peek-a-boo dresses and some more innovative and interesting silhouettes are back on the fashion runaway.


Get in line with winter's most linear look: classic stripes. Blue and white are best, but you can pull off the Breton-inspired trend with any color combo. Talking about variety in striped dresses, it's numerous. Just name it and you'll find it. One can go for striped tee, striped sweater dress, striped shirt dress or even striped evening wear.

If you have narrow shoulders you would like to appear wider, and would want your waist to look smaller, you can be clever when it comes to wearing horizontal stripes, and use them to balance your figure in an attractive way.


First noticed sometime in the sixties (our favorite decade!), patchworks jeans are making a major comeback this autumn winter. What is great about patchwork is that you'll never be one of a crowd; you have millions of ways to stand out. Steer away from leather or suede jackets and patchwork jeans as a combination. Keep it simple, like pairing the jeans with a basic white tee and, at max, an interesting long, stringy necklace.

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