Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Look Hot

How to look hot is a big question especially for female. A lot of methods are used by female for looking hot. People spend their earning in the sake of How to look hot. There are some steps regarding the answer How to look hot


The first and foremost requirement to look hot is to be of pleasing personality. You need to have social etiquette and an ability to befriend people. Keep up-to-date with current affairs and the latest news; these will work in your benefit as conversation starters. Talk to people when they address you, look into their eyes while talking to them and do not chime into a conversation unless asked or expected to. Do not starve yourself, be healthy and sleep enough!


Personal Hygiene is very essential. A person should not feel awkward standing next to you. Let’s face it, people like to be really close to people who are hot, right? So make sure that you shower daily and that your clothes are clean. Brush your teeth and use a good deodorant. Avoid having hair where they are not required (if you know what I mean). Yes, I know it will not be visible, but it will make a big difference in the way you carry yourself. 


Do not try to follow a fashion trend, if you are not comfortable with it. The biggest mistake that many "wannabe hotties" make is that they blindly follow fashion trends. Honey, you are not a wannabe, so you will not make that mistake. Make sure that you are aware of the latest fashion but follow only the ones that suit you. For example, if the new trend is tank top and hot shorts, and if you are a little chubby (not fat, chubby!!) then you can skip the trend and stick to the confidence and comfort of your regular attire.


Confidence is the key. The most important characteristic that is common in all of the people in the list above is confidence. Inspire of their quirks and flaws, the reason why they have reached a level of being adored and admired is because they are confident in their skin. Once you are confident, no amount of cheerleader bullying and jock talk can take you down! So, be confident and you will radiate a glow that will attract everyone (I am not being philosophical, true story!).


Be proud of your friends. Always remember, one is what their company makes them, nonetheless, it is not fair to let go of your friends in order to be hot. Ample chick flicks and teen movies would agree with me on this one. Your friends have been with you in your "non hot" days, so don't dump them ever. They will give you the added confidence and encouragement that you need. Who knows, you could take down that annoying bully gang of hot shots, together? 


The last and most important step is to "not compromise". Each individual has his/her share and set of principles. It is these principles that define the school of thought and way of life. In fact, it is these principles that make each one attractive and lovable in his/her way. So, do not compromise on your principles, come what may. These principles will be what you are respected for, so don't let go of them. Any opportunity that requires you to "drop the principles", is not worth it!

These steps are very important in being hot and loved for it. It is essential to be a good person from within, to be truly hot! I am sure your questions like "how to look hot?", “how to look hot at school?", “how to look hot for a boy?" and "how to look hot for guys?" have found their respective answers in this article. Always remember, being hot gives you power and with great power comes great responsibility! 

Ok! The last bit was just for fun. Nonetheless, remember to follow these steps and have faith in yourself throughout! This is where I sign off! That's hot!!

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