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How To Attract A Man

How to attract a man is a big question. The answer of this question i.e. How to attract a man can be simple or very difficult. We have discussed this topic How to attract a man in detail. There are a lot of ways for How to attract a man

The strongest point of women and the weakest point of men are the same – the sexuality of women. Hence it should not be that difficult to sexually attract a man towards yourself. But then, seducing someone or attracting him to you is an art.

To master it you must know the ground rules of the game. In this article we will tell you what draws a man towards a woman and how you can sexually attract a man.

The Dressing Up

Men are visual creatures. They like what they see. So to attract a man you have to dress in a seductive way. Get a sexy look that he can’t turn his eyes off from. A body hugging dress or one with a plunging neckline will surely catch his attention.

But do not cross the limit while trying to look sexy and hot. Do not dress in too revealing and provocative clothes as that may make your look cheap instead of appealing.

Your Fragrance

Whether for men or women, body odor can be a big turn-off and a good fragence a big attraction. Spellbound him with your soft, feminine yet seductive fragrance.

Have Self-Confidence

Be confident in your manners, words and behavior. Be sure about yourself. Let him have a glimpse of how confident a person you are. Confidence is a very attractive quality that men can hardly resist in women. It actually makes men desire women in a sexual way.

Showcase Your Graceful Walk

Your walk speaks a lot about you. Walk in a confident, feminine, graceful manner that he loves to watch. Wearing high heels does enhance your posture and makes your walk sexier. So wear those high heeled sandals and walk towards achieving your aim of attracting him sexually.

Body Language Signals

If your body language is not correct then it may give a completely different image of yours to him. So maintain certain things like sitting straight keep your hands to yourself by your side and if wearing a short dress then cross your legs. Do not give out any sign of anxiety or nervousness. Make your body language send such signals to him that he feels sexually drawn towards you.

An important part of body language is the eye contact. Make direct eye contact with him. Do not break the eye contact out of shyness. That would be very unsexy and would make you look unappealing. Your eyes and looks can really turn him on if you can properly use them.

Attract Him by Your Words

Men too like to be praised. So start off by complimenting him. Thereafter you can start talking to him on different matters and slowly turn the direction of your discussion to more intimate things. Be subtle in your approach and do not get into any raw discussion. Just build his attraction by talking about sexual things in a very graceful manner.

The Touch

Break the touch barrier by some gentle touches. You can find excuses to touch his hand, shoulder or face. You can even touch his hand casually while talking to him. But do not touch him intimately or let him touch you in such manner.

If you make yourself available that easily then he will not be that drawn towards you. But if you make yourself hard-to-get, he will drool on you and will be helplessly attracted to you sexually.

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